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The Orchard School’s Mission is to prepare each child to be a lifetime learner by fostering an association between fun and academics in a home like environment.

We encourage and teach children to use their words on a daily basis to express feelings and wishes.

Consistency, routine, & structure are the most important elements to maintain stability in a child’s life.

Every day is started with circle time, practicing/reinforcing letters, colors, numbers, senses, shapes, weather, phonics, listening skills & much more.

Students receive a well-rounded education including math skills, language, social studies, life skills, social skills, science, dramatic play, music and art. We want children to enter elementary school with a knowledge base that sets them up for success.





Greeting/Breakfast/Relaxing/Free Play/Ind 

7:30– 12:00 AM PRESCHOOL/K

8:40 Drop off at Wilson Elementary School

9:15 Circle Time(Weather/Skills Reinforced)

9:30- 9:45 Toilet X/Hand-washing /& Snack

9:45- 10:15 Story Time/Group Discus

10:15- 11:00 Academic Skills (Fine/Gross motor, Music, Art, Dramatic Play, Sensory, Math, Social/Life Skills, and Lang Arts)

11:00- 12:00 Indoor/Outdoor Play 

11:25 Pick up AM K children Wilson School

12:00pm AM Preschool Session ends

12:00 Lunch Time

12:15pm Drop off PM Kindergarten Wilson School-ind attention/tutoring PMK students

12:30pm Nap/Quiet Time for Preschoolers

12:30– 4:30 PM PRESCHOOL/K

2:00- 2:45 Free Play

2:45- 3:15 Story Time/Group Discuss

3:00 Pick up elementary children from Wilson School for school aged after care

3:00 Hand washing/bathroom/Snack

3:15- 4:00 Academic Skills (Fine/Gross motor, Music, Art, Dramatic Play, Sensory, Math, Social/Life Skills, and Lang Arts)

3:15 Begin After School elementary program/special focus groups & Homework

4:00- 5:00 Indoor/Outdoor Play/Homework

5:00pm & on Homework/ Dinner/Free Play

Classroom Rules



*Respect others*

*Always wait your turn*

*Raise your hand to talk*

*Help others put things away*

*Always clean up after yourself*

*Be respectful to friends & adults*

*Use your words not your hands*

*Listen when others are speaking* 

Rules are met with explanation and understanding of why we have rules and why they are important.

We utilize positive reinforcement and time out as needed. Students are given three chances to comply with verbal requests or redirection with explanations along the way. (See “1-2-3 Magic” Video or book for more details). Utilizing a Student Centered Integrative (Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioral) Eclectic Approach that encourages your child to take responsibility, be Independent yet cooperative, strengthening their ability to problem solve, understand, integrate skills, self sooth, raise self esteem & confidence. 

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Tracie Sarkar, MA, MSW, LCSW


Erin Moss, BSED, MSW, LSW

Orchard Center

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Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 5:30pm

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