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Robert Cowper

Our family has had a positive experience at The Orchard School and would recommend it to others looking for a daycare. It’s a family-run facility that is the perfect blend of a home-based daycare and a franchise daycare. We preferred the flexibility that their more personalized attention could offer compared to facilities with more children. 


The outdoor space is great with a huge backyard, baby pool for the summer, and plenty for the kids to do. For rainy days there is a small ball pit and “clubhouse” that the kids enjoy downstairs. We especially like that the class is a group of blended ages. 


Our daughter started at 8 months and was the only baby at the time so she became everybody’s little sister. Learning around the big kids was great for her verbal skills as well as her physical development. Now she is in the middle age-wise and loves having the younger kids around. 


The staff goes the extra mile to make Orchard a home away from home for the enrolled families. There are trips (i.e. to the zoo and beach), an annual graduation party where all the kids get a scrapbook, and a wonderful holiday party. We’re very happy that we chose Orchard and encourage others to do the same.

Our daughter has been going here since 2014. The staff is excellent!
They are all so friendly and welcoming and fun. My daughter loves going.
I would highly recommend the Orchard School.
Kyle DeMartazzi

Finding a school for your young child can be a stressful experience.


You’re entrusting people you may not know with taking care of your kid during some of their most formative years.


Orchard School has been absolutely tremendous!

We came to them after a negative experience at a chain daycare for our then-6-month-old.


The difference was immediate – rather than crying when dropping her off, she would crawl to her teachers and wouldn’t want to come home when we came to pick her up. Her growth since joining the 0-5 y/o class has been astonishing.


We’ve enjoyed watching her become a part of the group – the older kids watch out for and play with the younger ones with a care that reminds us of siblings.


The teachers do a great job combining play with educational enrichment activities, and the property has a delightful array of spaces for the kids to enjoy, ranging from a ball pit to a pool to mini-rooms with tiny furniture to a track for biking.


The staff is super flexible and understanding; it feels like we have true partners in our child’s care and understanding.





My daughter went to this day care full-time for two years, and we still use it for drop-in care.  It is fabulous.  


Small, mixed age class, has the feel of an in-home daycare, lots of space for pretend play, and they spend a ton of time outside.  


Very flexible hours and kind staff.  My daughter got a lot of one-on-one attention for academics and made close friends.  


It is not a new immaculate corporate place; it is in an older home, and there’s no pull-out extras like a music class or gymnastics, but it is clean and well-equipped, and the teachers do their best to teach the kids songs and give them plenty of gross motor activity.  


The best thing is that I love the way they handle discipline and the way the staff talks to the kids.  Highly recommend.


Laura Avino

My daughter started at Orchard School when she was about 9 months old and is almost 2.5 now.



We’ve had a great experience, it’s a small family run daycare so they really get to know each child well.



I love that kids of all ages are together in the same classroom, my daughter has learned so much from watching and playing with the older kids and now is learning to be patient and kind with the younger kids who have joined the school.

The Orchard School is the cream of the crop!
They are professional, caring, attentive and truly put the safety and well being of the children first!
I feel safe knowing that my children are in great care!
We have 2 sons that have attended the school and we couldn’t be happier with the services and care!!
Our oldest attended The Orchard School for years and received counseling and it really helped him to have someone he could speak to that wasn’t family.
It was a very positive experience and then we decided to have our younger son attend.

Our younger son is in a pre-K program and uses The Orchard School to supplement some of the OT and PT programs he receives.
He has grown and learned so much and The Orchard School is a safe environment for him to build confidence.
They have a great structure to give my son individual attention while giving him a great class of friends to play with and have fun.

I recommend you consider The Orchard School if you looking for flexible and quality care for your child.


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