Since assuming new management in 2004, we have tirelessly and proudly contributed to the significant growth of the school, which originally opened its doors in 1968.

Yet, we weren’t on this journey alone. A heartfelt THANK YOU extends to the PARENTS who entrusted us with their children and our exceptional staff who played a pivotal role in propelling us to become one of West Caldwell’s premier childcare facilities, fostering rapid growth.

After operating a home daycare center together, Mr. PK and Mrs. Tracie chose to move to West Caldwell to carry on the legacy of the Orchard School! Coupled with Mrs. Tracie’s background in social work, the two worked tirelessly to develop the school into a space that could nourish and support young people for generations to come.

Their vision is to providing a loving space for students and families to build longlasting relationships with friends, teachers, and the community. This is the passion drives the Orchard School everyday.



We believe in creating a space where our students can experience high quality education, develop a strong sense of self, and feel responsible for their community and environment. These are the pillars vital to raising great leaders who will shape the future.


For us, this is not a job. This is our passion. Our  vision. Our way of helping our world grow.



We work to support the children of our community so that they may reach their highest potential and continue to experience success as they grow up.

For every child that walks through our gates, we provide the best education by preparing them for kindergarten and beyond, while supporting their social and emotional growth through developing the social skills and confidence they need to become change makers. Even more, we are all about community, so we are always creating new avenues for our students to stay connected even after they’ve graduated.

We ensure our mission becomes reality through our outstanding teachers, dedicated owners, and innovative directors. We all work together to support, nurture, and encourage our students and each other to ensure we all have the tools, training, and commitment to educate. Our secret to preschool is creating a happy, supportive, and exploratory space for our teachers just as we do for our students. This is how we enact our vision and implement our mission everyday.

Social Emotional Skills
Set The Stage For A
Lifetime Of Learning

Our curriculum goes beyond traditional academics to make growing our students’ social skills and developing their emotional intelligence central to our teaching style. With the knowledge and skills to nurture their relationship, your child will also learn the fundamentals of following directions, practicing manners, taking responsibility, and being independent, all of which set them up for success and happiness at school and in life more broadly.

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